Chairman & CEO

Mir Mahaboob Ali

Mir Mahaboob Ali, the Founder Chairman and CEO of Trade Vision UK Limited, is bringing over 30 years of invaluable experience in regional and global healthcare development in a affordable manner to the under develop countries. He served different companies as CEO for 28 years with the techno-commercial expertise in trading and marketing and Supply of Medical Technology. Mir Mahaboob Ali put emphasis on mentoring and educating talent and has fueled substantial growth of organizations with the proven track of successful project management, asset reconfiguration, hospital and facility start up achieving above target goals.

His hands-on experience in different turnkey solutions in healthcare industry with a significant footprint in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Oman and EU markets makes him a formidable asset and leader to Trade Vision UK Limited. Driven by an instinctive need to strategize and innovate, he continues to work very closely with his core team of Turnkey associates that he has fastered and excelled with for over two decades. He is currently playing a vital role in UK export growth with a number UK manufacturing companies along with UK Export Finance to bring UK technology blended with affordable financing possibilities in different healthcare markets. His comprehensive knowledge of leveraging numerous investment opportunities and trading scenarios compliments his Healthcare foot print. He is a firm believer in attracting, motivating and coaching talent to meet organizational objectives. And turn-key project designing, engineering, installation, commissioning, etc. are his plan, and he is being successful on the growth phase with right track with a strong network of Channel Partners for international projects like Seimens Healthineers, Varian Medical UK Ltd, Brandon Medical Ltd, Penlon Ltd, etc.

Mr. Ali has considerable experience in setting up the Healthcare infrastructure in underdeveloped areas and having wide understanding of Corporate compliance and a in depth understanding of due diligence process that need to be complied for all global companies. He has an MSc. in Mathematics having in-depth knowledge of software language and AI deployment in healthcare domain.


Mohammed Shaminul Islam

A seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience as a financial adviser, a serial entrepreneur, and innovator. Shaminul has vast knowledge and experience in UK, USA, AFRICA, OMAN, ASIA especially, Bangladesh and Malaysia. Being a great believer in bringing innovative solutions to socio-economic developments, he has worked closely with the Innovators in those countries, resulting in securing PATENTS for financial management system.

One of his central vision is to get involved with the development of the rural economy in Asian countries by supporting public-private partnership and providing the stakeholders with innovative turnkey solutions. He believes in financing large infrastructure projects, Smart Health Care Systems, Start-up Technology and Entrepreneurship development projects to effect improvement of the standard of living of the citizens in developing countries in Asia.