Information Technology Services

Trade Vision UK has contributed in building mobile, 1st Gen Internet of Things (IOT) solutions and platforms using RFID, Sensors & Actuators and wireless/ mobile technologies in the today’s cutthroat competition.

The expertise brings unique Integrated Platform in OT/ IT convergence and Cognitive process automation for advanced large-scale M2M / IoT solutions.

If you need any kind of software solution for your hospital project then you can call us to get right solution. Check few of our software services list below-

      1. Hospital Management Software (HMS)
      2. Human Resource Management Software for Hospital
      3. Pathology Management Software
      4. Hospital Automation Service
      5. Parking vehicle auto management software and service
      6. Doctor & Patient Database Store and Backup
      7. PABX Telephone Call Management System
      8. La Vinci Robotics Surgery (Purchase & Training)

Trade Vision UK Solutions is committed to providing state-of-the-art latest technology services to our clients worldwide. Backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced developers of our Company Technology Partner, “Tiger Soft BD”, we are able to extend such services using the most cutting edge technologies. We follow a structured process of development and offer timely project delivery.